B E T T E R W E A T H E R // A C O U S T I C

B E T T E R  W E A T H E R // A C O U S T I C

Sometimes moving on isn't easy. Our senses eventually feel like enemies. We hear their voices in the wind, we smell their scent in the flowers, and we can see them in the clouds but moving on isn't forgetting the memories; it's being able to live with them. 

B E T T E R  W E Λ T H E R
the live acoustic version. 

Filmed By: Penelope Martinez


Like the word Terminal, we believe, flowers have a sense of duality. We use flowers to celebrate major events and they stand by us when we take our final breaths.

When we talked about getting in the studio again we weren't, and quite frankly, still aren't sure if this is the final chapter of Marina City. The bags under our eyes have gotten bigger, our hair has thinned, and chasing success has felt similar to chasing a ghost for 5 years.

If we were going to do this again it was going to be different, it had to be different. We had to write music that we were too afraid to write, we had to pay attention to detail, we had to look back at this project many years later and feel proud of it. In December 2015 we started writing in Matt's basement. We started right where we ended playing heavy break downs, cock-rock riffs, and trying to be our former selves. In February 2016 our bags were packed and for the first time ever, we left from Terminal 3 at O'Hare Airport. We left ourselves at that Terminal but it was the first day of the rest of our lives. Our plane landed in Los Angeles and we wrote music with John Feldmann. That experience opened our eyes to an unfamiliar world; a world where your heroes sit back and listen to your impromptu acoustic sessions. We didn't have any experience writing with anyone outside of Matt's basement. It was uncomfortable but it was something we needed so that we could grow as songwriters. When we came home we immediately went to write music with Craig Owens.

We had no idea what music we wanted to play or what kind of band we wanted to be. Owens and Feldmann are geniuses but couldn't be more different. What they wanted from us was two different things. We thought our strength was that people couldn't tie us down to one genre, but as labels and industry people came knocking, they wouldn't let us join them unless we settled into one. By January 2017 we had 30 songs but none of them were great. We spent a year writing music and none of them were going to make the EP. Our souls were crushed and our motivation went with it. There isn't a right or wrong way to write a song but for some reason we were able to write really bad ones.

It wasn't until we stopped caring about what the industry thinks or even what YOU think we should sound like. We decided to write what we've always wanted to write. So we shed our thin skin and started over, writing 30 more songs. Our influences were all over the place. After narrowing it down to 5 songs the genre is still undetermined. It's Funk, Rock, Punk, Pop, Jazz, Soul, R&B, It's all of those genres, and it's none of those genres, but It doesn't matter because at the end of the day, it's Marina City. We don't know what a good song is, and we don't know how to measure success, so might as well just play the music we want.

Terminal and flowers are a duality, like this record, it could be the end or it could be the beginning. Whatever happens at least we did it our way.

Welcome to the new era

Marina City